Our Service

Our service is built around the relationships we build with our clients. Through connecting and sharing we get a sense of who you are and who your people are. From there we assemble the soundtrack that will score one of the best days of your lives. 

We supply and install our own PA system, lighting and microphones. Keeping our service in-house makes us flexible and adaptable, and gives your event flow. We can respond to changes and unexpected moments.

Our Dj sets are built from mixed, curated and selected tunes. We are not pressing play on a playlist, we are reading the crowd and taking them on a journey with a selection of classics, surprises and songs you forgot were awesome.

All of our packages include the following elements:


01. Music CONSULT

Let's talk music, memories, history and who your tribe is. What is the one song you have to hear? What kind of mood would you like through dinner? The foundation of your events musical personality is built here.

02. Sound gear

We supply over 28OO watts of PA. Two 15" speakers and at one 18" subwoofer. Plus another 15" speaker behind the DJ booth. Enough PA to fill most venues, and more than enough to feel the music!

03. Lighting

Our bespoke lighting rig includes festoon backlighting, LED wash, audio reactive LED effects and the grand dame of lighting effects, The Mirror Ball.