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At a time when music is so readily available and lacklustre sound quality is omnipresent, we approach DJing as a craft and a tradition of the highest order. We love music anD that love drives us to give the best we have in making our clients happy.

Music is important, it can make-or-break the party! We know that very well and we work hard to understand your vision. Our hands on, caring approach coupled with the wow factor is what we believe will make your wedding or event a bespoke occasion that will leave you smiling.

With an enormous library of new and old tunes, and a background in audio production we strive for sublime tune selection and supreme sound quality. We are there to bring our love of music to you and your guests, and to make your event a beautiful shared experience.

We've played big festivals, packed concerts and we've gone on tour. We've played weddings, house-parties and corporate gigs, and we've loved it all! Now we're focused on realising the dreams of our clients who come to the mountains of Queenstown looking for that something special for their event.

Music. Life. Love. Queenstown.



Our Services

Mountain Beats Disc Jockey Co.

These are the elements that go into making up our service. the parts that come together to help your Wedding or your Event go smoothly and your music to sound awesome! You choose what you need at the time of booking.



The last thing you want to be dealing with at your event is sound equipment and whether or not it's set-up correctly. YOU want someone who can create the best possible sound in your space and keep it there.

We can supply all required sound gear, (PA, mixing desk, outboard processors and connections for your music devices) and set it up. Which keeps our service in house and legit, no need to rent extra sound gear from a production company. 

Our greatest tools though are our ears, and we never stop listening to you or the mix! It's music, music is magic and it needs to sound good!

Dance-floor lighting.

With our array of LED lights and or projected visuals, we make sure your dance-floor area is vibrant and full of energy.

Master of ceremonies.

Our DJ can also take on host duties for your event. Expect eloquent announcements and Epic introductions that keep your guests informed and your schedule intact.

Professional Disc Jockey.

There's pushing play and then there's the art of DJing. A great DJ puts together an evening of music that crosses genres, tempos and energy levels to create an uplifting atmosphere.

A great DJ reads the crowd, keeps the sound levels even and mixes song after song seamlessly into a journey. He knows if the dance-floor is pumping when to keep a tune going and when to bring in the next one.

Mountain Beats brings the hard earned skills and experience gained playing and creating music on festival stages, in clubs and in bars across New Zealand and Australia. With experience and a passion for music,  Mountain Beats will take your party to the next level.


There may be times at your event when you need background music, but don't necessarily need someone to be DJing.

Give us an idea of what you need and we can curate or craft a playlist for exactly what you want. Curated and crafted playlists to fit the time and mood. 


Wireless or wired dynamic microphones controlled by our DJ.

You've worked hard on those speeches, you're ready to invoke tears & laughter, we'll make sure every nuance is heard loud and clear. We hand you the mic and make sure you're heard, the rest is up to you!



Clients & Collaborators

Summit Events

Queenstown Winter Festival

Queenstown Lakes District Council

Shotover Sunshine Festival

LaDeDa Festival

Phat Festival

Nepal Rocks Festival

Queenstown Blues & Roots Festival

New Zealand Winter Games

Shotover Jet

Ngai Tahu Tourism

2 People 1 Life

World Bar

The Find

Vinyl Underground

Shucka Tours

Dirty Ol Knights

Blue Door


Rippon Hall



The Killer Seas

Dear Deer


Sigma UK


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I’m Joe. I have lived a creative, beautiful & learned life. And it is all because of music. My life has evolved and changed over 40 years (and so has my record collection!) so here is my timeline, a bio of sorts. 

Mid 70’s  - Born, one of six kids. (Woodstock Soundtrack and John Denver from my dad's vinyl collection.)

80’s - Raised in beautiful Te Wai Pounamu/The South Island of NZ. Rode skateboards, and got into Hip-hop, and Indie Rock. (De la Soul and The Pixies! on cassette tape)

90’s -  Lived in QLD Australia. Days spent on the beach and learning how to make beats on a Roland MC-303. Got into DJ culture, and got to see so many of the great grunge bands! (DJ Shadow and Massive Attack on Compact Disc)

00’s -  Melbourne. Nights of gigs, city lights, festivals, grabbing life by the synthesizer and creating sounds. Made my first record.(It was OK.) Learnt how to make a badass Bloody Mary, got really good at making Espresso and wrote a tonne of music. First saw Shapeshifter, Salmonella Dub and Fat Freddy's Drop. They inspired me to come back to NZ! (Now we're mates!).

2005- Moved home to Queenstown, NZ. Studied music production and started making Drum & Bass, formed a record label Junkfood with my brother Caleb(K+Lab), whose releases has fans all over the world. Picked up my guitar again and formed rock band The Killer Seas, we ended up playing on the same stage as Elvis Costello and The Doobie Brothers.

2010's- Music is collaboration. Here I've met numerous creative friends amid the local QT folk.  I've been lucky enough to score films, play outdoors under the stars,  record other artists, close bars in the wee hours and play to thousands of people on our stages. It's been a grand life.

Kinda now - After a stint in carpentry to nurture my design and expressive soul, I recognise the need to provide a service for the local and not so local folk, who are looking for quality music at their event be it wedding or otherwise. Mountain Beats was conceptualised, drafted, designed, crafted, created and is ready to deliver an unforgettable experience at your next event! I want to bring joy to your family, friends, your boss…whoever - all through music. Are you ready? Click here

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